A Prayer to God from all decent, moral, caring, humans of all religion, all races and all walk of life. We pray today to the one God Creator of all in the Earth and in Heaven, The Alfa and Omega

We pray to thee : We first Pray and ask for your guidance in knowing you and praying to you as we have been lied to and deceived most of our live about everything… We have been medicated and poisoned from birth which has affected our pure clean DNA genetics we were meant by you to be born with and grow up with so who know how different we would all be if this did not happen… It was done to most of humanity by a very few evil humans with the help of demonic entities and nephilim we never stood a chance at being normal our body and minds corrupted from birth. Then we have been taught untrue history and lied to by religious organization and charlatans false prophet and preachers alike… No matter what religion we belong to we have all heard of the other guys god and religion so who is really worshipping the one true You Lord God creator of all???  Is it the Jews God who call the Jews his chosen people and is the God of Abraham or is it the Muslim God who is also the God of Abraham but not God according to the Jews or Are you the Christians God the father of Jesus but one in the same so Jesus is God to christians and of the God of Abraham but Jesus is no god according to the Jews. Then there’s the Buddhist God The Sieks God with so many different Gods its Totally confusing and totally illogical… So Who’s right and Who’s wrong Who’s knows the truth is the real Question… So we pray to the “Real God the Alfa and Omega Creator of all God “ Help us Lord Please intervene Now and Stop this Evil Satanic Insanity We Pray To You Lord

We pray now Lord that you give us a sign of your presence for we need no sign that Satan /Lucifer exist his evil is all around us in our rulers and leaders alike evil to the core and the Elite of them under Lucifer are trying to completely destroy Mankind except themselves and in the process are completely destroying the earth’s eco systems and all her resources Plant and animal life the insanity of it all is SATAN/Lucifer your enemy our/humanities mortal-moral enemy. But forgive them Lord for as Jesus said on the cross “Forgive them father for they no not what they do” They have been deceived by the lie of a promise to Eve of becoming as Gods themselves by Lucifer/Satan in the time of Genesis in the garden of Eden. So when the time comes Lord God of all Forgive them and us all our sins as we were deceived and lied to and manipulated by a powerful divine supernatural being Satan and the Fallen Angels that you creator of all created as well then banished them to earth where they corrupted man on every level even on a genetics one with the watchers taking human wives and having hybrid nephilim children and this is the evil we still face today which in our present state and mortal form can never hope to defeat this divine/supernatural evil Satan as were no match without your Divine intervention Lord so we pray for that intervention and We Pray for it now… For this Evil is among us everywhere and in every facet of humanity…This Evil Satan/Lucifer has broken your number one Law of the Sabbath and Changed the Sabbath from your day Saturday to Satan/Lucifer’s day Sunday… It has broken down the family unit with adultery and divorce it has destroyed most moral values it has completely enslaved humanity in a global financial fraud system of lies and corruption… To do All this Satan/Lucifer uses Demons and Hybrid Nephilim to pervert and temp and influence human Pawns in Secret Societies and Think Tanks such as The Bilderberg, The Round Table, The RAND Corporation, The Brookings Institution, The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, The CFR, The Trilateral Commission, The Order of Loyola the Jesuits, The Freemasons, Skull and Bones, The Shriner’s, The Thule Society etc. to do Satan/Lucifer’s will to infiltrate and subvert from the inside and by doing exactly this it has infiltrated all Political Parties globally,  All Our World Governments, All Global Fortune 500 Giant Corporations,All Police Forces, All Military Machines Globally ,The United Nations,The IMF, The World Bank,NATO,The European Union and so on. It controls almost all World Trade. It took over All Big Mainstream Media News Outlet Globally, so it controls All the news Globally. It owns almost all the Planets Resources and almost All of the free Land Globally under United Nation Heritage Land Sites Fraudulent Laws and Illegal Treaties and Crown Fraudulent Land Laws.  It runs the Military Industrial Complex from its Pentagon in Washington DC  1 of 3 Satanic Cities,  The second is Its Financial Fraud Center from it Financial City of London in London England and The third Evil City in this Evil Trio is it Lie Factory Moral Depravity Machine Its Spirit Crushing Demon Factory “The Vatican” in Vatican City Rome Italy. It also is where the thrones for this Evil Beast Satan/Lucifer is located.  All three of these Cities bear his Evil Marks all over them They each have a Real ancient Egyptian Phallic Monolith… So we pray to the “Real God the Alfa and Omega Creator of all God”  Help us Lord  Please intervene Now and Stop this Evil Satanic Insanity… We Pray To you Lord

We Pray to you now Lord to once again re-cleanse the earth and wipe this Divine Supernatural Evil Satan/Lucifer being and his Fallen Angels and Army of Demons from the face of the earth once and for all time to come Forever and Ever to come… We ask that you try to forgive the last few generations of mankind for we were all corrupted pre birth with the poison cup in the womb and immediately upon birth injected with the poison cup again and again for the whole of childhood life and teenage life changing us all Genetically, Mentally and some many Physically as well…  Regardless we were all against our will changed from our original perfect GOD given DNA at the time of conception into corrupted chimera humans. Only you Lord can redeem us only you Lord can restore our corrupted  DNA back to perfect…So we pray to the “Real God the Alfa and Omega Creator of all God”  Help us Lord  Please intervene Now and Stop this Evil Satanic Insanity… We Pray To you Lord

Our GOD which art in heaven

Hallowed be thy name

Thy Kingdom come

Thy will be done in Earth as it is in Heaven

Give us this day our daily bread

And forgive us our debts and sins

As we forgive our debtors and our sinners

Restore and Heal our Corrupted DNA

Cleanse us from there Poison Cup

Lead us not into Temptation

But deliver us from the evil Satan/Lucifer

Protect us from his Fallen Angels

And destroy there Nephilim Hybrid Offspring

For thine is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory for ever