Why are Government’s Using There Police Dogs to come down so hard all of a sudden against The Freeman on the Land Movement ??? 


The answer is a very simple one…The Elite Bankers – Shadow Governments – New World Order are Scared Shitless of the Truth of there Whole Fraudulent System being revealed to the Masses… The Freeman Movement Is About LOVE FREEDOM AND TRUTH. They are the number one Movement uncovering this whole gigantic fraudulent system and showing people how to remedy there situations with the LAW and Legal Remedy in the real criminals own DeFacto Fraudulent Law SystemAnd they don’t like that one bit, Why, Because Freemen speak the TRUTH…So THEY start of by calling it a Farce ,a Scam, run by GURU’s and fraudsters… Next will be the ASSOCIATING  it with fringe groups and some violence like Neonazi and White Supremacist and the likes….

Rob Menard Guru

Then the PROPAGANDA starts with accusation of association with terrorist or being terrorist themselves, FBI has already made this lie of an accusation about Sovereign Citizen being domestic terror threats in the USA. Then the real POLICE HARASSEMENT  begins and news stories warning of pending and future Violence against police being a big possible. Then usually  as per there normal mode of operation of WAR BY DECEPTION usually a false flag blaming the exact group they have been DEMONIZING in this case the FREEMAN MOVEMENT

Now some insight on Freeman on the Land Movement from true Peace Loving Real Freeman Who have claimed there Freeman Status Legally through THE Elites own DeFacto court system and abdicated legally from under Canadian Government Statute Law.  They have renounced there S.I.N. SINNER NUMBER and no longer pays taxes as they have no longer have accounts with the CRA. NO ACCOUNT = NO TAXES  Now Do you really think that the ELITE RICH who have enough money that they would never have to work a day in there lives, what would these people apply for a SIN number for in the first place they don’t need it to work right!!! And that is exactly what the Elite Rich have long known and do to avoid TAXES…There is nothing in the S.I.N. number act that Force you to get one but they make you and I the common man believe there is… Who hasn’t heard the saying “You have to have a SIN to work legally in Canada” Almost everyone has heard that!!!  But have they also heard that you don’t need a SIN to work lawfully in CANADANO of course not, BUT WHY NOT???

Each Society when created has the right to create a language for that Society and the Law Society’s of Canada and other countries created what’s called LEGALESE… The language of STATUTES and ACTS of the LEGAL – COMMERCIAL LAW SYSTEMS

Now we should start with a little bit of Black Law Dictionary deciphering of a few very important deceptive words they use against us all the time.


Roman Law maxim that states: "Let he who will be deceived, be deceived".

A way of talking or writing used mostly by lawyers and corporations, as a way to explain and elaborate every square inch of the matter at hand

-language containing an excessive amount of legal terminology or of legal jargon.

– creating an airtight verbal bubble that leaves no room for ambiguity.

-"the language of legal documents," 1914, from legal + language name ending -ese.

– Legalese is the language of Statutes. It is assumed that Statutes are ‘the Law’.

This is done by writing as little as possible with as many words as possible, in such a way that Average Joe won’t have a single clue what is presented to him, yet agrees to it because he couldn’t care less about reading page up and page down with all that legal nonsense before he gets to use his new computer program.The language of the Law Society of Canada A society has the right to create it own language and Legalese is the legal language created for the Law Societies and Big Corporations and the Supreme Courts to manipulate deceive and entrap the Average Joe

Average Joe: "Your program destroyed my PC! I’m suing!"
Big corporation: "You can’t. You consented to waive all your customer-, civil- and moral rights upon agreeing to our Terms of Use license before using the product."
Average Joe: "How was I supposed to know that?! It was 72 pages written in legalese!"

Freeman on the Land -  Sovereign Citizens are Guilty of Studying The Law and Learning Legalese and using the systems own laws and words against them and if that is regarded as Terrorist Activity by the FBI,RCMP,CSIS and other Law Enforcement Organization, It show that the Elite Power  That Be  of the system that control the whole system are scared and circling the wagons.They are really worried because the Freeman on the Land Movement is growing by leaps and bounds and its numbers are becoming alarming because these Freemen are armed with the systems own weapon of Legal Remedy built into every Statute and Act and so far they have been able to get away with calingl it guru bad information… The only people that still believe that lie are the completely Comatose Mainstream Media Puttzes that still think that there The Nightly News never lies and that government have there best interest at heart and would never lie to the people either. It now seems that a real majority of people understand that Government are all under one giant corrupt conspiracy and that the Sovereign Citizen Freeman issue is just one part of the giant conspiracy, that we the people have learned and deciphered and found out the whole truth of the workings of the Fraudulent Legal System of Laws these criminals created to deceive and enslave and rob us all blind.

That is why they are now instructing there Government Puppets to sic there Militarized Rabid Police Dog Forces on the Sovereign Citizen – Freeman Movements  Worldwide  The Elite know once the TRUTH IS OUT YOU CANT STOP IT FROM SPREADING…They’ve been caught cheating at Monopoly and the game is over ,There House of Card is Crumbling by the earthquake of FREEMEN all spreading the TRUTH

"Let he who will be deceived, be deceived". Don’t be deceived. 

All definitions below snipped from http://www.blacks.worldfreemansociety.org/1/index.htm

Black's Law Dictionary, 10th Edition





DeFacto 1DeFacto 2



Person Blacks



CapitisDiminutio 1






Individual blacks




FREEMAN blacks





color 1color 2


citizen blacks


Sovereign – Sovereignty

Black’s 1st Edition

Sovereign Sovereignty 1Sovereign Sovereignty 2

Black’s 2nd Edition

Sovereign Sovereignty 1aSovereign Sovereignty 2a











The Great Birth Certificate (Trust) Scam: This is How They Are Enslaving You

World Freeman society

The Great Birth Certificate (Trust) Scam: This is How They Are Enslaving You

YOU BETTER START ACTING IN YOUR CAPACITY AS THE ADMINISTRATOR of the Trust, and put them back in the position of being the Trustee.
Yep, it all started when your unsuspecting Mother signed you away by using her “Maiden” name on your birth certificate. The state used that little trick to take ownership of the offspring by assuming you were a bastard child without a father, even if there is a father listed/known.
The “Informant”, your Mother signed that little jewel (you) over to the state by using her maiden name (notice there was no other option?). The ‘state’ knows that women can’t legally own offspring; only the father has that ability (unless she becomes the Executrix), and that’s how they are pulling off the con.
YAY! Party Hats and Ice Cream for EVERYONE! Little Johnnie is now owned by the ‘state’ and is considered a state/government employee. Now it’s time to take pictures of the new little slave/tax payer, spank his/her bottom, and start with the inoculations and public training centers (public school).
Little Johnnie just became a government employee, but how long will it be before Little Johnnie starts getting his government paycheck? Well, if he’s smart when he turns of legal age, he’ll renegotiate the terms of his employment; take control of his Estate/Trust and start operating is his lawful capacity as the Administrator/Executor to that Trust that was created for him by his employer.
See, when they created that little Trust for Little Johnnie, they conveniently forgot to put the fine print on the back of that document (the birth certificate) telling him it was actually his Trust and when he turned of legal age, he could take his rightful place as the Beneficiary/Administrator of that Trust and quit his job as their employee. Unless of course he presented them with his newly renegotiated terms of conditions that said he now wishes to be paid any amount his little heart desires to continue his employment at the company, and they agreed.
Now you understand why CPS (Child Protective Services) can come into your home and take your (scratch that) .. THEIR … property/slave/tax payer, if they feel you are abusing Little Johnnie. Because you (the unsuspecting mother) in good faith, signed over Little Johnnie to the state. He wasn’t of legal age to manage his own affairs of Administrating that Trust, so you had to hand those duties over to someone a little more qualified than yourself, since you as a woman cannot own offspring.
That’s a pretty cool magic trick wouldn’t you say?American-Birth-Certificate-Bank-Note
Home of the Free, Land of the Slave :)
So the ‘state’ or ‘government’ sends you back a copy of the Trust (birth certificate) that was created for you, by “THEM” and your mother; you go about your merry way using that birth certificate as a means of identity to obtain other adhesion contracts like your drivers license and ss card etc.
So the ‘state’ makes the presumption YOU are operating as a government employee; performing acts of government, etc. It’s your brand new-shiny Government Name Badge; makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, doesn’t it?
So you’re driving around with your government owned vehicle (yes they own it because of the Bankruptcy) ss card, drivers license, and birth certificate and they’re presuming you’re a government employee.
The only problem with this little con is: They are treating you like a government employee by forcing their rules/regulations/statutes/taxes down your throat, but somehow seem to be forgetting one thing:
You’re not getting your government check! Did you ever dictate to them the hourly rate for your services? (Rod Class also explains this if you listen to his archived shows below).
You’re not receiving the FULL benefits of your new job title, but you sure are paying the membership fees :)
Why aren’t YOU getting paid? Why aren’t they taking care of all vehicle maintenance? Why are they charging you with an income tax? Why do they laugh at your “I’m a free man on the land arguments?”
Because YOU haven’t rebutted the presumption that YOU are a government employee; operating in that capacity.

You must rebut the presumption you’re operating as a government official; performing any act of government; and that you’re being paid to so.
No one can force you to work for free; not even your own government. So if they insist you’re a government employee because you haven’t rebutted THEIR claim, why aren’t they paying you your government check?
Silly Johnnie, you didn’t expect them to just come and offer this did you? Why would they pay you one red cent if they could get you to do it for free?
You’re worth $1.5 Million per hour; they need to agree to the terms of your salary, or you’re not interested in being on their payroll; and if you’re not on their payroll, you don’t have to abide by their corporate rules/regulations/statutes, etc. get it?
Just because you shop at Sam’s Club and buy a membership card; use their bathroom; water fountain; buggies and services, that doesn’t mean you have to abide by their corporate rules/regulations/statutes and invest in their retirement plans; and it damn sure doesn’t give them the right to draft money out of your account without your consent or throw you in jail because you want no part of their little scam.
If you don’t rebut the presumption, they will be more than happy to ‘assume’ you are a government employee; and you should be paying government employee taxes; following their rules/regulations, and statutes.
We’ve all heard the stories of how the UNITED STATES is a corporation that resides in the ten square mile radius of the District of Columbia, and only people living in that district are considered government employees; or government officials that go to work for them.
They just forgot to tell you that those laws only apply in that ten mile radius, and if you’re not an employee of their corporation, their laws don’t apply to you.

Remember the Sam’s Club analogy?
Wouldn’t it be nice if YOU could start your own business and force your customers to invest in your retirement plan, 401K, pay all your licensing and fees; follow your rules/regulations, and even tax them on their income, all for just shopping at YOUR store?
Well, that’s what’s happening folks: You’re shopping at the corporation known as the UNITED STATES and they created your very own little membership card (birth certificate) and are forcing their corporate rules/regulations and taxes down your throat because you aren’t willing to rebut their presumptions that you are an employee of their corporation.
Pretty cool trick eh?
What they won’t tell you about that little Trust that was created in your name is: That YOU are the Beneficiary and Administrator, and THEY are the Trustee once you become of legal age.
Ah, that kind of turns things around now, doesn’t it?
Yep, when you became of legal age, they conveniently forgot to tell that little tid-bit of information, and have been operating in the capacity as the Administrator to that Trust and you’ve been dumb enough to let them carry on that way. You’re not actually dumb; you just trusted that something like that would never happen to you, especially by your own government.
Never assume anything, it will cost you everything!
But what they’re doing is not against the law you see. They are just assuming (pretty convenient eh?) that you are their employee, and you haven’t rebutted that presumption.
As Dean puts it: If I create some law in my living room and walk across the street to your house; knock on the door and say “Hey Jim, I just created a new law that allows me to take your new 50″ plasma TV for my own and you have to abide by that”. And Jim just scratches his head and says ummmm, der, okay, I guess, go ahead and take the TV.
Did I break a law? Nope! I made a presumption; you didn’t rebut the presumption (look up affidavits) and my presumption became law. Viola! You just got screwed-blued and tattooed because you never said “Hey, wait just a minute” By what authority did you create this new law, and what gives you the authority to shove it down my throat?”
When you’re using THEIR side of the equation, THEY are the Beneficiary and Administrator to the Trust “THEY” created and YOU are the Trustee. They created it, it’s their document; you’re just the Trustee until you become of legal age, at which point you’re supposed to become the Administrator, and they are the Trustee.
Don’t let that bother you; it’s just an honest mistake and they probably just ran out of ink before they could print that little fact on the back of your birth certificate (Uh-Huh :/) giving you the option manage your own Estate.
Can a Trustee tell an Administrator what to do?
Absolutely NOT!
Watch Dean Clifford explain the fraud with a marker board at a seminar so you can better understand the situation and most importantly CORRECT the PRESUMPTION they are ASSUMING.
Silence is acquiescence.

Do You Consent?

World Freeman society

Your CONSENT shapes your life and world. Without your inherent power of consent, you are a slave. If you abandon your Right of Consent you will become a slave to those who would exploit you. All life defends its free will, because failure to do so is suicidal. The maintenance of your Rights is your Responsibility. Yet, most people opposed to onerous government policies, give their consent to those policies anyway. Why? Let’s examine “the system” …

In 1913, the US Federal Reserve was established by private bankers. They planned to indebt the nation and the world by encouraging financial speculation and international capital flows (“Roaring Twenties”), until the global economy crashed (“Black Tuesday” 1929), after which they would foreclose (“New Deal” 1933).

This was their foreclosure plan:

[Very] soon, every American will be required to register their biological property in a National system designed to keep track of the people and that will operate under the ancient system of pledging. By such methodology, we can compel people to submit to our agenda, which will affect our security as a chargeback for our fiat paper currency. Every American will be forced to register or suffer not being able to work and earn a living. They will be our chattel, and we will hold the security interest over them forever, by operation of the law merchant under the scheme of secured transactions. Americans, by unknowingly or unwittingly delivering the bills of lading [Birth Certificate] to us will be rendered bankrupt and insolvent, forever to remain economic slaves through taxation, secured by their pledges. They will be stripped of their rights and given a commercial value designed to make us a profit and they will be none the wiser, for not one man in a million could ever figure our plans and, if by accident one or two would figure it out, we have in our arsenal plausible deniability. After all, this is the only logical way to fund government, by floating liens and debt to the registrants in the form of benefits and privileges. This will inevitably reap to us huge profits beyond our wildest expectations and leave every American a contributor to this fraud which we will call “Social Insurance.” Without realizing it, every American will insure us for any loss we may incur and in this manner; every American will unknowingly be our servant, however begrudgingly. The people will become helpless and without any hope for their redemption and, we will employ the high office of the President of our dummy corporation to foment this plot against America. [attributed to Colonel Edward Mandell House in a letter to Woodrow Wilson (President 1913-1921)]

In due course, Congress confirmed the bankruptcy through the Joint Resolution to Suspend the Gold Standard and Abrogate the Gold Clause, June 5, 1933, House Joint Resolution (HJR) 192, June 5, 1933, 73rd Congress, 1st Session, Public Law 73-10.

Since the “New Deal” Social Security Act (1933), and the Securities and Exchange Act (1934), systems of Social Security, Social Welfare, Birth Certificate registration, and central bank monitors, have been introduced throughout all Chapter 11 bankrupt nations.

Known as the “New Deal” in the United States, and Social Welfare in Commonwealth nations, the “deal” gave public “benefits”, “privileges”, and debt”, to the people, in exchange for their private “rights”, “freedoms”, and their lifelong “credit” (labour and property).

When a baby is born, the hospital sends the original of the “record of live birth” (not a copy) to the government, which creates a Birth Certificate Bond by claiming the legal title of the baby’s Estate, later appearing as a legal fiction name, i.e. JOHN DOE. This bond is registered as a Security, which the Treasury uses as Surety for new Treasury securities such as Treasury Bonds, Notes and Bills.

As was planned, men and women provide their “commercial value” to the financial masters of the state via the artificial “legal person”created on the Birth Certificate.

The public “registration” of the Given name with the family name creates an artificial “legal personality” administered by the State, so anyone who is unaware of this mirroring device will unwittingly “act” as a “legal person” transferring their “commercial value” to the State. This “transmitting utility” is called a “straw man.”


Straw man.A “front”; a third party who is put up in name only to take part in a transaction. Nominal party to a transaction; one who acts as an agent for another for the purpose of taking title to real property and executing whatever documents and instruments the principal may direct respecting the property. Person who purchases property, or to accomplish some purpose otherwise not allowed.’ [Black’s Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition, p 1421]

The word person is a derivative of persona, which is a theatrical “mask” worn by actors in Greek drama. “Persons” are “actors” often “performing” roles in “costumes” (uniforms) who enact “language” (legalese) to deliver “presentations” (bills), and sometimes they “appear” in a court (theatre).

Any living man or woman who “acts” in the “role” of a “legal person” is an “accommodation party” in “joinder” with the fictional “legal person”. This “joinder” creates an “indivisible duo” (individual), and by this artifice the living jurisdiction (de jure lawful) is surrendered and replaced by the statutory jurisdiction (de facto legal).

A “legal personis a fictional creation of the State, and therefore it is controlled by the State.The “legal person” is the government’s property, employee, debtor and servant, bound to comply with the government’s statutes (acts, bills, rules and regulations), which are the “terms and conditions” of its “status”.

Fictional creatures of the State have “status”, whereas living men and women with flesh and blood arms and legs have “standing”. The “artificial person” has no “standing”.

Inasmuch as every government is an artificial person, an abstraction, and a creature of the mind only, a government can interface only with other artificial persons. The imaginary, having neither actuality nor substance, is foreclosed from creating and attaining parity with the tangible. The legal manifestation of this is that no government, as well as any [government] law, agency, aspect, court, etc. can concern itself with anything other than corporate, artificial persons and the contracts between them.”[PENHALLOW v. DOANE’S ADMINISTRATORS ]

There is a false presumption that you give up your Right of Consent when a government is elected, which is not logical, because that would allow a government to erode all your rights during its elected term, as a dictatorship.

When we vote at elections, we simply decide which political party will form the Executive, giving that party a conditional mandate to govern subject to our consent for their policies enacted in statutes. Voting in an election does not contractually surrender our inherent right to self-determination until the next election.

Since the government is a creation of the people, it cannot possibly have jurisdiction over its creators, unless by consent. Each and every statute enacted by government legislation requires consent from each and every man and woman, including you!

However, consent is given in many ways, often without fully realising it. The definition of the word “consent” includes to “yield” and to “give way to”. The moment you agree to anything you are asked to do, you are giving your consent. If you get a parking ticket it is an invitation to pay, and if you pay it you are consenting to the ticket contract. Even the Police need your consent before they can arrest you, because before they can arrest you they must read you your rights and then ask “do you understand” (stand under their authority), and if you say “yes” – you are consenting in law.


Maxim in Law: Consent makes the law. A contract is a law between the parties, which can acquire force only by consent.

The statutes, which are not “laws” but contract instruments originally meant to provide common governance to living people by consent, have been corrupted to extract “commercial value” from the people via the legal “persons”. It is PRESUMED, by acquiescence, that you consent to the “person’s” (state’s) debts, unless you say: “It isn’t me.”

Statutory “Law”, or Admiralty Maritime Commercial (Law of the Sea), contains the codes, rules, and regulations of a nation’s legal commerce. The international codification is the U.C.C. (Uniform Commercial Code), without which reliable international trade would not be possible through contracts. The doctrines of the Common Law have been adopted as the essentials of Contract Law. This provides people with lawful protection from exploitation, since legislation, bank “loans”, and all commerce depends on consented contracts.

Common Law (Law of the Land), in New Zealand, is acknowledged in the Imperial Laws Applications Act, 1988. The Common Law contains the precepts of “right and wrong” and “justice”, and holds that a man or a woman should live honourably, hurt nobody, deceive nobody, and render to everyone his or her due. Such laws are Common Sense for living people, who are also subject to higher Natural Laws.

The proper venue of “justice” for a lawful man or woman is a Constitutionally sanctioned, common-law-venue-court. However, the Judiciary comprises a “Commercial List” of judges who primarily adjudicate commercial statutory courts, which are “administrative courts” and UNLAWFUL. Any court without a jury present is an “administrative court”.

‘The law is absolutely clear on this subject. There is no authority for administrative courts in this country, and no Act can be passed to legitimise them.’Halsbury’s Law 2011

Requests by a man or a woman to a judge to convene a Common Law court de jure are routinely denied, breaching the judge’s Oath of Office to uphold the Common Law, which is contempt of court.

A society of “justice” can only be protected when its members retain the knowledge of their “standing” and exercise their lawful Right to Contract. Without consent, there can be no contract, and no jurisdiction. No Contract = No Jurisdiction.

If the people forsake their sovereign Rights, their Nation will be captured, until corruption defiles all the agencies of their government. Deceit for the want of power is a dangerous game, and the masters of “the system” have been careful to provide incentives in the form of “social insurance” and other “benefits” and so-called “privileges”. But the state cannot grant any privilege that a living man or woman does not already have as a Right.

To awaken to your “standing” as a living man or woman is a strange experience, for we are conditioned from an early age to be fearful and compliant, and to trust the “powers that be”. We are daily bombarded with dis-information, entertainments, distractions and trivialities, in a debt-based system that subjects us to scarcity, dependence and control.

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

At first, the deception of “the name” is difficult to accept. However, the documents produced after a baby is born will often reveal that a legal fiction twin was created at a later date.

In New Zealand, your “Notification of Birth for Registration” is your affidavit of Life. This document, which is seldom obtained, established a “public trust” by “operation of law” in which you are the “beneficiary” while all the public officers of the state are your “trustees” with a “fiduciary duty” to serve the trust. This document forms the prima facie evidence for the creation of the Birth Certificate and the legal “person”, through which your living “Estate” is pledged against IMF obligations.

Importantly, you are the “holder in due course” of your “Estate”, and since claims on the living man or woman depend entirely on false assumptions and presumptions, you can rebut any claim and regain your living rights, because plainly you are not a dead legal fiction “person”. Under the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666, IV ‘If the supposed dead MAN proves to be alive, then the title is revested.’

You were born “entitled”. You are the owner of your “Estate” and therefore the legal “person” is your rightful property, with all rights and entitlements owned by YOU, as a Grantor, not a Debtor, to the state.

Disassociating your living self from the dead legal “person” is an adventure in self discovery. The rules of the game are written in a language called “legalese”, and the name of the game, invented in the 1930s, is Monopoly. In this game of commerce you are expected to be a Merchant at Law who is an expert in paper instruments.


Maxim in Law: He who fails to assert his rights has none.

Dealing with the legal “person” “actors” who habitually “presume” that you are consenting to “act” as a legal “person” under their jurisdiction, requires knowledge, patience, backbone, self-possession – literally, and a measure of empathy toward those who falsely believe in their illusory paper world of bondage.

Any state process requiring a signature is a contract by consent, as is simply answering to the spoken “fictional name”.

Legal “person” “actors” who make presentments are ALWAYS looking for a legal “person”. They NEED you in “joinder” because they have no claim against a man or a woman.

When a legal “person” “actor”, or their agency, sends a presentment in the post, it is always addressed to a legal “person”, indicated by the use of all-capital-letters, JOHN DOE, or by the use of a fictional prefix, Mr John Doe. Presentments are offers of contract seeking your “commercial value. They are not addressed to you. However, if you ignore a presentment, you are by inaction giving your “tacit consent by acquiescence”, so it is essential to “rebut the presumption” by writing a letter to the sender in their “private capacity”, or simply by writing ‘No Contract, Return to Sender’ on the envelope.

Just ask them to use your proper English lawful name, John: Doe, and see what happens. Their accounting software seems unable to use proper grammatical, lawful names.

Answering the phone becomes an exercise in caution, because if you answer to the spoken legal “person” name, you are instantly in “joinder”, and having taken the bait you are caught in a legal net. Instead, it is common sense to establish who is calling, and if they are seeking a “publicly registered legal personality created by the state”, at which point you can point out that “there is no one here who is acting in that role.”

In documents, your signature IS your consent to “act” in “joinder” with the fictional legal “person” under statutory jurisdiction, giving up your sovereign living rights to obtain whatever “benefit” or “privilege” is on offer.

Any government/corporate document to which you commit your valuable signature is a contract by consent. You cannot be forced to sign anything without your willing consent, because that would be extortion. If you are told that you must sign a document, that is a lie, and attempted extortion in law.

Your hand-written signature is your contract pledge, your sovereign power, your commercial energy (money), and a record of your Life.

When you sign a contract, you can protect yourself by adding “All Rights Reserved” below your name, as an “unambiguous declaration” of your Life. This creates an “autograph” as opposed to the “sign” of a fictional character by an “actor”. Contracts can only be made between like entities, “human with human”, or “person with person”, and are otherwise void.

States/corporations are legal fictions with no jurisdiction over living men and women.

We are all born equal in the eyes of the law, with inalienable Responsibilities, Rights, and Credit. Governments are instituted by the people and all public officers serve as “public servants” responsible and accountable to the people. Sovereignty resides in the People, whose power is the source of Law.

If the people’s authority, partly delegated to their government, is turned against the people, the “public trust” is betrayed. Sadly, centuries of monetary, legal and political manipulation have deeply subverted our government, establishing a global power elite who rule at the expense of the majority, transferring wealth upward via interest-bearing-debt, and mindlessly destroying people and the natural world.

Nevertheless, the foundation of our government is the “public trust”, which still endows the People with the Sovereign power of the Nation.

The beginning of freedom is the realization that your “public trust” is there to serve your Life, not take it. The power of your Life is found in your knowledge and your non-fictional actions. Freedom is not given, but earned, and it is held by attention to your living Rights. You are free the moment you feel equality and freedom in your heart.

On this journey, it wise to go peacefully with honour, for honour is the foundation of the common law, and that is where you “stand”. Fictions of the state have “status”, while living men and woman with real arms and legs have “standing”.

This article is not legal advice to any man or woman, because we are each Responsible for our own knowledge and actions, and should be.

Ultimately, freedom lives in your heart and is not reliant on written words. All that is written is spelling. “Legalese” is a belief system, and the legal fiction “person” is a prison of the mind.


Maxim in Law: Legality is not reality.

Living people have many powers: the powers of Life, Sovereignty, Reason, Decision, Consent, Contract, Attorney, Credit, and many other powers, including the powers of Compassion, Love, and Learning.

But none of these powers exist unless you know who you are.

Many people complain about the corrupt “system”, and yet all who “act” as “persons” literally have no Right in law, no power of Life. Having forsaken their Life, they enable corruption.

The world we create is the one to which we give our consent.


The next Important Document is a must read for all


Magna Carta Libertatum 1215

(Great Charter of Liberties)

John, by the grace of God, king of England, lord of Ireland, duke of Normandy and Aquitaine, and count of Anjou, to the archbishops, bishops, abbots, earls, barons, justiciars, foresters,sheriffs, stewards, servants, and to all his bailiffs and faithful subjects, greeting.

Know that, having regard to God and for the salvation of our soul, and those of all our ancestors and heirs, and unto the honour of God and the advancement of the holy Church, and for the reform of our realm, by advice of our venerable fathers, Stephen archbishop of Canterbury, primate of all England and cardinal of the holy Roman church, Henry archbishop of Dublin, William of London, Peter of Winchester, Jocelyn of Bath and Glastonbury, Hugh of Lincoln, Walter of Worcester, William of Coventry, Benedict of Rochester, bishops; of master Pandulf, subdeacon and member of the household of our lord the Pope, of brother Aymeric (master of the Knights of the Temple in England), and of the illustrious men William Marshall earl of Pembroke, William earl of Salisbury, William earl of Warenne, William earl of Arundel, Alan of Galloway (constable of Scotland), Waren Fitz Gerald, Peter Fits Herbert, Hubert de Burgh (seneschal of Poitou), Hugh de Neville, Matthew Fitz Herbert, Thomas Basset, Alan Basset, Philip d’Aubigny, Robert of Roppesley, John Marshall, John Fitz Hugh, and of other faithful subjects. [ Latin ]

  1. In the first place we have conceded to God, and by this our present charter confirmed for us and our heirs for ever that the English church shall be ree, and shall have her rights entire, and her liberties inviolate; and we wish that it be thus observed. This is apparent from the fact that we, of our pure and unconstrained will, did grant the freedom of elections, which is reckoned most important and very essential to the English church, and did by our charter confirm and did obtain the ratification of the same from our lord, Pope Innocent III., before the quarrel arose between us and our barons. This freedom we will observe, and our will is that it be observed in good faith by our heirs for ever.
    We have also granted to all freemen of our kingdom, for us and our heirs for ever, all the underwritten liberties, to be had and held by them and their heirs, of us and our heirs for ever: [ Latin ]
  2. If any of our earls or barons, or others holding of us in chief by military service shall have died, and at the time of his death his heir shall be of full age and owe relief he shall have his inheritance on payment of the ancient relief, namely the heir or heirs of an earl, 100 pounds for a whole earl’s barony; the heir or heirs of a baron, 100 pounds for a whole barony; the heir or heirs of a knight, 100 shillings at most for a whole knight’s fee; and whoever owes less let him give less, according to the ancient custom of fiefs. [ Latin ]
  3. If, however, the heir of any of the aforesaid has been under age and in wardship, let him have his inheritance without relief and without fine when he comes of age. [ Latin ]
  4. The guardian of the land of an heir who is thus under age, shall take from the land of the heir nothing but reasonable produce, reasonable customs, and reasonable services, and that without destruction or waste of men or goods; and if we have committed the wardship of the lands of any such minor to the sheriff, or to any other who is responsible to us for its issues, and he has made destruction or waste of what he holds in wardship, we will take of him amends, and the land shall be committed to two lawful and discreet men of that fief, who shall be responsible for the issues to us or to him to whom we shall assign them; and if we have given or sold the wardship of any such land to anyone and he has therein made destruction or waste, he shall lose that wardship, and it shall be transferred to two lawful and discreet men of that fief, who shall be responsible to us in like manner as aforesaid. [Latin ]
  5. The guardian moreover, so long as he has the wardship of the land, shall maintain the houses, parks, fish ponds, stanks, mills, and other things pertaining to the land, out of the revenues of that land; and he shall restore to the heir, when he has come to full age, all his land, stocked with ploughs and waynage, according as the season of husbandry requires, and the revenues from the land can reasonably support. [ Latin ]
  6. Heirs shall be married without disparagement. However, before a marriage takes place, it shall be made known to the heir’s next-of-kin. [ Latin ]
  7. A widow, after the death of her husband, shall forthwith and without difficulty have her marriage portion and inheritance. She shall not give anything for her dower, or for her marriage portion, or for the inheritance which her husband and she held on the day of the death of that husband. She may remain in the house of her husband for forty days after his death, within which time her dower shall be assigned to her. [ Latin ]
  8. No widow shall be compelled to marry, so long as she prefers to remain without a husband, always provided that she gives assurance not to marry without our consent, if she holds her lands from us, or else without the consent of whatever other lord she from whom she holds her lands. [ Latin ]
  9. Neither we nor our bailiffs shall seize for any debt any land or rent, so long as the chattelsof the debtor are sufficient to repay the debt. Nor shall those that pledged sureties for the debtor be distrained so long as the principal debtor himself is able to satisfy the debt. If the principal debtor fails to pay the debt, having nothing wherewith to pay it, then the suretiesshall answer for the debt.They shall have the lands and rents of the debtor, if they desire them, until they are reimbursed for the debt which they have paid for him, unless the principal debtor can show proof that he has discharged his obligations to them. [ Latin ]
  10. If one who has borrowed from the Jews any sum, great or small, dies before that loan can be repaid, his heir shall pay no interest on the debt for so long as he remains under age, irrespective from whom he holds his lands. If such a debt falls into our hands, we will take nothing except the principal sum mentioned in the bond. [ Latin ]
  11. And if any one die indebted to the Jews, his wife shall have her dower and pay nothing of that debt; and if any children of the deceased are left underage, necessaries shall be provided for them in keeping with the holding of the deceased. The debt shall be paid out of the residue , save the service due to feudal lords. Let debts due to others than Jews be dealt with in similar manner. [ Latin ]
  12. No scutage nor aid shall be imposed on our kingdom, unless by common counsel of our kingdom, except for ransoming our person, for making our eldest son a knight, and marrying our eldest daughter one time. For these, only a reasonable aid should be levied. In like manner it shall be done concerning aids from the city of London. [ Latin ]
  13. And the city of London shall have all its ancient liberties and free customs, by land as well as by water. Furthermore, we decree and grant that all other cities, boroughs, towns, and ports shall have all their liberties and free customs. [ Latin ]
  14. And for obtaining the common consent of the kingdom concerning the assessment of an aid (other than in the three cases specified above) or of a scutage, we will cause to be summoned the archbishops, bishops, abbots, earls, and greater barons, individually through our letters. Moreover, all others who are our direct tenants, we will cause a general summons to be made by our sheriffs and bailiffs, for a fixed date (namely, after the expiry of at least forty days) and at a fixed place. In all such letters of summons we will specify the reason of the summons. And when the summons has thus been made, the business shall proceed on the day appointed, according to the counsel of such as are present, although not all who were summoned have come. [ Latin ]
  15. In future, we not grant to anyone license to take an aid from his own free men, unless to ransom his person, to make his eldest son a knight, and once to marry his eldest daughter. And on each of these occasions, only a reasonable aid shall be levied. [ Latin ]
  16. No man shall be compelled to do more service for a knight’s fee, or for any other land free-holding, than is due from it. [ Latin ]
  17. Common pleas shall not follow our court about, but shall be held in some fixed place. [Latin ]
  18. Inquests of novel disseisin, mort d’ancestor, and darrein presentiment shall only be held in their own county courts, in the following manner. We or, should we be out of the kingdom, our chief justice will send two justices to each county four times a year who, along with four knights of each county chosen by that county, shall hold the assize in the county, and on the day and in the meeting place of the county court. [ Latin ]
  19. If any of the said assizes cannot be held on the day of the county court, let there remain as many of the knights and freeholders, who were present at the county court on that day, as are necessary for the efficient making of judgments, according to whether the business is more or less. [ Latin ]
  20. A freeman shall only be amerced for a trivial offence in accordance with the seriousness of the offence. For a grave offence, he shall be fined correspondingly, leaving him hiscontenement. A merchant will be fined similarly, leaving him his “merchandise”; and avillein shall be amerced in the same way, leaving him his wainage—if they have fallen into our mercy. These amercements shall only be imposed by the assessment on oath of reputable local men. [ Latin ]
  21. Earls and barons shall be amerced only by their peers, and only in proportion with the degree of the offence. [ Latin ]
  22. A clerk in holy orders shall not be amerced in respect of his lay holding except as peviously described; further, his ecclesiastical benefice shall not be taken into account. [Latin ]
  23. No vill or person shall be compelled to make bridges at river-banks, except those who from of old were legally bound to do so. [ Latin ]
  24. No sheriff, constable, coroner, or other royal bailiff, shall hold lawsuits meant be held by the royal justices. [ Latin ]
  25. All counties, hundreds ,wapentakes, and trithings shall remain at old rents, and without any increase, except our demesne manors. [ Latin ]
  26. If any one holding a lay fief from the Crown dies, and our sheriff or bailiff produces royalletters patent of summons for a debt owed to the Crown, it shall be lawful for our sheriff or bailiff to seize and catalogue chattels found in the lay fief of the deceased, to the value of that debt, as assessed by law-worthy men. Nothing at all shall be removed from there until the debt is fully paid. The residue shall be left to the executors to fulfil the will of the deceased. If there is no debt due to the Crown, all the chattels shall go to the estate of the deceased, except reasonable shares for his wife and children. [ Latin ]
  27. If any freeman dies intestate, his chattels shall be distributed by his nearest kinsfolk and his friends, under supervision of the church, except that the rights of his debtors shall be maintained. [ Latin ]
  28. No constable or other royal bailiff shall take corn or other provisions from any man without an immediate cash payment, unless the seller permits postponement of this. [ Latin]
  29. No constable shall compel any knight to give money instead of castle-guard, if the knight is willing to undertake the guard himself, or to supply another responsible man to do it, if he cannot do it himself for any reasonable cause. Further, a knight taken or sent on military service shall be excused castle-guard in proportion to the time he was on this service. [Latin ]
  30. No sheriff or royal bailiff, or other person, shall take the horses or carts of any freeman for transport duty, except with agreement from the said freeman. [ Latin ]
  31. Neither we nor our bailiffs shall take, for our castles or for any other of our works, wood which is not ours, except with agreement from the owner of that timber. [ Latin ]
  32. We will not hold the lands of those who have been convicted of felony beyond one year and one day. Then, the lands shall be returned to the lords of those fiefs. [ Latin ]
  33. Henceforth, all kiddles shall be removed from the Thames, the Medway and throughout all England, except along the sea coast. [ Latin ]
  34. The writ called praecipe, in the future, shall not be issued to any one regarding any tenement whereby a freeman might lose the right of trial in his own lord’s court. [ Latin ]
  35. There shall be one measure of wine, of ale and of corn (namely, “the London quarter”) throughout our whole realm. There shall also be one width of cloth (whether dyed, russet, or halberget): that is, two ells within the selvages. Let weights also be standardised similarly. [ Latin ]
  36. Nothing shall be paid or taken in future for a writ of inquisition of life or limbs. Instead, it shall be given free of charge, and not denied. [ Latin ]
  37. If a man holds Crown land by fee-farm, by socage, or by burgage, and also holds land of another lord for knight’s service, we will not have (by reason of that fee-farm, socage, or burgage) the wardship of his heir or of such land he holds of the other lord’s fief . Nor shall we have wardship of that fee-farm, socage, or burgage, unless the fee-farm owes knight’s service. We will not have the wardship of a man’s heir, nor of land that the man holds through knight’s service to someone else, because of any small serjeanty that he may hold from the Crown for the service of providing to us knives, arrows, or the like. [ Latin ]
  38. In future, no bailiff shall place a man on trial upon his own unsupported words, without credible witnesses being produced to support his word. [ Latin ]
  39. No freeman shall be arrested or imprisoned or disseised or outlawed or exiled or in any other way harmed. Nor will we [the king] proceed against him, or send others to do so, except according to the lawful sentence of his peers and according to the Common Law. [Latin ]
  40. To no one will we sell, to no one will we refuse or delay, right or justice. [ Latin ]
  41. All merchants may leave or enter England in safety and security. They may stay and travel throughout England by road or by water, free from all illegal tolls, in order to buy and sell according to the ancient and rightful customs. This is except, in time of war, those merchants who are from the land at war with us. And if such merchants are found in our land at the beginning of the war, they shall be detained, without injury to their bodies or goods, until information is received by us (or by our chief justiciar) about in what way are treated our merchants, thence found in the land at war with us . If our men are safe there, the others shall be safe in our land. [ Latin ]
  42. It shall be lawful in future for any one, keeping loyalty to the Crown, to leave our kingdom and to return safely and securely, by land and by water. This is except in time of war, when men may go, only in the public interest, for some short period. (This excludes, always, those imprisoned or outlawed in accordance with the law of the realm, natives of any country at war with us, and merchants, who shall be treated as previously stated). [Latin ]
  43. If any one holding of some escheat (such as the honour of Wallingford, Nottingham, Boulogne, Lancaster, or of other escheats which are in our hands and are baronies) dies, his heir shall give only the relief and service to us that he would have done to the baron, if that barony had been in the baron’s hands. We shall hold the escheat in the same manner in which the baron held it. [ Latin ]
  44. Men who dwell outside the forest henceforth need not come before our justiciars of the forest following a general summons, unless they are named in a plea or are sureties for any person or persons arrested for forest offences. [ Latin ]
  45. We will appoint as justices, constables, sheriffs, or bailiffs only those who know the law of the realm and who wish to observe it well. [ Latin ]
  46. All barons who have founded abbeys, for which they hold charters from the kings of England, or for which they have long-standing possession, shall have the custody of them when vacant, as they should have. [ Latin ]
  47. All forests that have been created in our reign shall forthwith be disafforested, and similar course shall be followed for river-banks that we have made preserves during our reign. [Latin ]
  48. All evil customs relating to forests and warrens, foresters, warreners, sheriffs and their officers, river-banks and their wardens, shall immediately be investigated in each county by twelve sworn knights of the same county, chosen by the honest men of the county. The evil customs shall, within forty days of the said inquest, be completely and irrevocably abolished. This is provided always that we first informed, or our justiciar, if we should not be in England. [ Latin ]
  49. We will immediately restore all hostages and charters, which were delivered to us by Englishmen as security for peace or for faithful service. [ Latin ]
  50. We will entirely remove from their bailiwicks the kinsmen of Gerard de Athée, so that in future they shall have no office in England. The people concerned are Engelard de Cigogné, Peter, Guy, and Andrew de Chanceaux, Guy de Cigogné, Geoffrey de Martigny and his brothers, Philip Mark, his brothers and his nephew Geoffrey, and all their brood. [Latin ]
  51. As soon as peace is restored, we will banish from the kingdom all foreign-born knights, cross-bowmen, their attendants, and mercenaries who have come with horses and arms, to the kingdom’s detriment. [ Latin ]
  52. If, without the lawful judgement of his peers, a man has been dispossessed of his lands, castles, franchises or his rights, or had them removed by us, we will at once restore these to him. If a dispute arises over this, the dispute shall be decided by the judgement of the twenty-five barons referred to below in the clause for securing the peace. Moreover, in all cases where possessions have been disseised or removed from anyone without the lawful judgement of his peers, by our father King Henry or our brother King Richard, and which are retained by us (or which are held by others under our warranty), we will have the usual respite period allowed to crusaders, unless a lawsuit has been started or we had ordered an enquiry before we took the cross [as a Crusader]. However, as soon as we return from our expedition, or if by chance we abandon it, we shall immediately grant full justice. [Latin ]
  53. We shall have the same respite (and the same manner in rendering justice) concerning the disafforestation or retention of those forests which Henry our father and Richard our brother afforested, and concerning guardianship of lands under the fief of another (that is, the guardianships we had up to now because of a knight’s fee someone else held from us), and with abbeys founded in fiefs other than our own, in which the lord of the fief claims to have a right. When we return from our expedition, or if we abandon it, we will at once grant full justice to complaints about these things. [ Latin ]
  54. No one shall be arrested or imprisoned on the appeal of a woman, for the death of anyone except her husband. [ Latin ]
  55. All fines rendered to us unjustly and against the law of the land, and all amercements made unjustly and against the law of the land, shall be entirely remitted or else the matter settled by the decision of an majority of the five-and-twenty barons (or all of them) mentionedbelow in the clause for securing the peace. This decision shall be made together with Stephen, archbishop of Canterbury, if he can be present, and such others as he may wish to bring with him. If the archbishop cannot be present, business shall nevertheless proceed without him. This is provided always that, if any one or more of the twenty-five barons are involved in a similar action, they are removed for this particular judgement and are replaced by others. The replacements will be sworn in as a substitute only for this business, after being selected by the rest of the twenty-five. [ Latin ]
  56. If we have disseised or removed Welshmen from lands or liberties, or other things, without the lawful judgement of their peers (in England or in Wales), these shall be immediately restored to them. If a dispute arises over this, it shall be determined in the Marches by the judgement of their peers. English law shall apply to land holdings in England, Welsh law to those in Wales, and the law of the Marches to those in the Marches. Welshmen shall the same to us and ours. [ Latin ]
  57. Further, where a Welshman was deprived or dispossessed of anything, without the lawful judgement of his peers (in England or in Wales), by our father King Henry or our brother King Richard, and which is retained by us (or which is held by others under our warranty), we will have the usual respite period allowed to crusaders, unless a lawsuit has been started or we had ordered an enquiry before we took the cross [as a Crusader]. However, as soon as we return from our expedition, or if by chance we abandon it, we shall immediately grant full justice according to the laws of Wales and the said regions. [Latin ]
  58. We will immediately return the son of Llywelyn and all the hostages of Wales, and the charters handed over to us as security for peace. [ Latin ]
  59. We will return of the sisters and hostages of Alexander, king of Scotland, his liberties and his rights, in the same manner as we shall do towards our other barons of England, unless it ought to be otherwise according to the charters that we hold from his father William, formerly king of Scotland. This matter shall be determined by the judgement of his peers in our court. [ Latin ]
  60. Moreover, all these previously described customs and liberties which we have granted shall be maintained in our kingdom as far as it concerns our own relations toward our men. Let these customs and liberties be observed similarly by all of our kingdom, by clergy as well as by laymen, in their relations towards their men. [ Latin ]
  61. Since for God, for the improvement of our kingdom, and to better allay the discord arisen between us and our barons, we have granted all these concessions, and wishing that the concessions be enjoyed in their entirety with firm endurance (for ever), we give and grant to the barons the following security:
    Namely, that the barons choose any twenty-five barons of the kingdom they wish, who must with all their might observe and hold, and cause to be observed, the peace and liberties we have granted and confirmed to them by this our present Charter. Then, if we, our chief justiciar, our bailiffs or any of our officials, offend in any respect against any man, or break any of the articles of the peace or of this security, and the offence is notified to four of the said twenty-five barons, the four shall come to us—or to our chief justicicar if we are absent from the kingdom—to declare the transgression and petition that we make amends without delay.
    And if we, or in our absence abroad the chief justice, have not corrected the transgression within forty days, reckoned from the day on which the offence was declared to us (or to the chief justice if we are out of the realm), the four barons mentioned before shall refer the matter to the rest of the twenty-five barons. Together with the community of the whole land, they shall then distrain and distress us in every way possible, namely by seizing castles, lands, possessions and in any other they can (saving only our own person and those of the queen and our children), until redress has been obtain in their opinion. And when amends have been made, they shall obey us as before.
    Whoever in the country wants to, may take an oath to obey the orders of the twenty-five barons for the execution of all the previously mentioned matters and, with the barons, to distress us to the utmost of his power. We publicly and freely give permission to every one who wishes to take this oath, and we shall never forbid any one from taking it. Indeed, all those in the land who are unwilling to this oath, we shall by our command compel them to swear to it.
    If any one of the twenty-five barons dies or leaves the country, or is in any other manner incapacitated so the previously mentioned provisions cannot be undertaken, the remaining barons of the twenty-five shall choose another in his place as they think fit, who shall be duly sworn in like the rest.
    If there is any disagreement amongst the twenty-five barons on any matter presented to them, or if some of them are unwilling or unable to be present, what the majority of those present ordain or command shall be held as fixed and established, exactly as if all twenty-five had consented in this.
    The said twenty-five barons shall swear to faithfully observe all the aforesaid articles and will do all they can to ensure that the articles are observed by others.
    And we shall procure nothing from any one, either personally or indirectly, whereby any part of these concessions and liberties might be revoked or diminished; and if any such thing has been procured, let it be void and null, and we shall never make use of it ourselves or through someone else. [ Latin ]
  62. And all the ill-will, hatreds, and bitterness that have arisen between us and our people, clergy and laity, from the date of the quarrel, we have completely forgiven and pardoned to everyone. Moreover, we have fully forgiven and, as far as it concerns us, pardoned all transgressions occasioned by the said quarrel, between Easter in the sixteenth year of our reign [1215] and the restoration of peace, to all, both clergy and laymen, and completely forgiven, as far as this applies to us.
    Additionally, we have had letters patent drawn up for the barons, over the seals of lord Stephen, archbishop of Canterbury, of the lord Henry, archbishop of Dublin, of the bishops mentioned before, and of Master Pandulf. The letters patent concern this security and the concessions previously stated. [ Latin ]
  63. Thus, we wish and we firmly ordain that the English church shall be free, and that men in our kingdom shall have and keep all these previously determined liberties, rights, and concessions, well and in peace, freely and quietly, in their fullness and integrity, for themselves and their heirs, from us and our heirs, in all things and all places for ever, as is previously described here.
    An oath has been sworn, on the one hand by us and on the other by the barons, that all the aforesaid provisions shall be observed in good faith and without evil intent. Given under our hand—the above-named and many others being witnesses—in the meadow which is called Runnymede, between Windsor and Staines, on the fifteenth day of June, in the seventeenth year of our reign. [That is 1215—the new regnal year began on 28 May.] [Latin ]