Shooter said to be engaged in “an attack against the state for ideological purpose”


Michael Arntfield, formerly of the London Police Service, now a criminology professor at Western University, has portrayed Justin Bourque as an “anti-authoritarian” domestic terrorist who follows “a broader forensic spectrum that includes the anti-government Freeman movement, which has long been seen as a modern frontier in violent crime, in which police officers are the obvious victims,”according to the National Post.

Bourgue allegedly shot and killed three Royal Mounted Police officers in New Brunswick, Canada on Wednesday. The suspect was arrested Friday after a massive manhunt. The city of Moncton in Westmorland County in southeastern New Brunswick was put under a police lockdown after the suspect was observed in a neighborhood carrying weapons.

According to the National Post and Arntfield, Bourque was engaged in “an attack against the state for ideological purpose.” Arntfield said the ambush of police “seems paradoxical” and is “domestic terrorism” distinguishing it from other violent crime.

The Freeman movement is diverse and not anchored to one specific ideology. Generally speaking, it consists of anti-government sentiment and the belief the court and legal system under admiralty law is designed to enslave people and natural law overrides the legal constructs of the state.

The FBI has conflated the Freemen movement with Sovereign Citizens. The federal government “considers sovereign-citizen extremists as comprising a domestic terrorist movement, which, scattered across the United States, has existed for decades, with well-known members, such as Terry Nichols, who helped plan the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, bombing,” according to an FBI Law Enforcement Bulletinreleased in September, 2011.

“They may refer to themselves as ‘constitutionalists’ or ‘freemen,’ which is not necessarily a connection to a specific group, but, rather, an indication that they are free from government control. They follow their own set of laws. While the philosophies and conspiracy theories can vary from person to person, their core beliefs are the same: The government operates outside of its jurisdiction. Because of this belief, they do not recognize federal, state, or local laws, policies, or regulations.”

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Sovereign Citizen or Freeman Movement being Demonized by Mainstream Media and Corrupt Governments

To the Many people in the Freeman Movement Which in Canada has grown by leap and bounds in the last few years estimated numbers 30,000. They are Becoming a great concern for Law Enforcement and  Governments federal and provincial say RCMP officials

Here is the Simple Truth About The Freeman Claim

That When the Government went broke and Bankrupt around 1933 they Created a fraudulent system With the creation of the Birth Certificate Which we are all slaves under it and TAXES are there COTTON


Like every other group or society of people there are always a few bad apples and always will be but that does not make it fair to demonize the whole group.the Jews would call that Racism and yell Anti Semitism in a second

It is morally wrong for the RCMP to be classifying all freeman to be terrorist   

Now its simple to see if look around you and see with your eyes… What do we pay tax on EVERYTHING and More and More of all the time TAXES…But roads don’t get any better schools get worse and worse, but Police budget just get bigger and bigger and there getting more militarized all the time why Because the Government Know that us the People THERE REAL BOSSES are seeing through there Lies and Deception more and more now because the reality is that the Freeman Movement as Law Enforcement calls it is simply common sense and all you have to do is learn a little bit of there deceptive system and the truth jumps right out at you and there whole system crumbles.The truth is Your Birth Certificate a Bank Note has Value (approx$1,000,000at time of creation your birth) because of a loan from the IMF-United Nations to the government who keep it in trust for you as your Fiduciary… But they neglected to tell you about it, so that they could legally claim your legal right to administer the trust in whatever way they see fit. That is what they don’t want you to know Its that SIMPLE… Now the government is just petrified that we will all realizes this truth It would essentially make instant Millionaires out of each and everyone of us THE PEOPLE and if we all just took all our money we’d kill Canada essentially as well Its not about that anyways. It is about everyone being prosperous and they would be if thing were different. The next two article below show the fear the Government have of the TRUTH… The Government are  now in the mocking and knocking stage of demonizing the Freeman Movement by saying thing like “there all crazy lunatic”,”There listening to Bad advice” And next is the condemnation and criminalization faze. It now seems there at that faze with this Lunatic Gunman Killing 3 Cops and wounding 2 more just gives the Government all the propaganda power they need to proceed against the Freeman Movement(“Condolences to all the families of the Victims”) Its has all the hallmark of a Mossad – RCMP type false flag operation to give the government all the backup and info it needs to try and pass anti Freeman Legislation Its typical “Problem Reaction Solution” Ideology being used on Canadian citizen to DEMONIZE THE FREEMAN MOVEMENT  Well we will just have to wait and see what really happens in the future to Freemen



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The Freeman-on-the-Land movement

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or your rules – this is ours
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Lyrics, music and recorded by Integrity


This is a new movement that has important implications for both lawyers and notaries. It is not just another fringe group in society. Freeman-on-the-Land is listed on the FBI’s domestic terror watchlist ( People who have been linked to this movement include Terry Nichols and Timothy McVeigh (of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing).

According to the FBI: “Since 2000, lone-offender sovereign-citizen extremists have killed six law enforcement officers. In 2010, two Arkansas police officers stopped sovereign-citizen extremists Jerry Kane and his 16-year-old son Joseph during a routine traffic stop on Interstate 40. Joseph Kane jumped out of the vehicle and opened fire with an AK-47 assault rifle, killing both officers.”

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“Freemen” (or Sovereign Citizens, Living Souls or Natural Persons, as they sometimes call themselves) believe that all ­statute law is contractual. They further believe that law only governs them if they choose or consent to be governed. By implication, they believe that, by not consenting, they can hold themselves independent of government jurisdiction. These individuals believe that they can live under “common (case) law” and “natural laws” (per Wikipedia).

Freemen may number up to 30,000 in Canada and hundreds of thousands in the United States. They believe they can avoid taxes, mortgages, utility bills and more. They state that they have an unfettered right to travel (hence their belief that they do not need driver’s licences, licence plates or insurance). They believe that ­government-issued identification is somehow different from the “natural person.” They commonly list their names in the format of “First:Last” (using a colon in between). They are loosely affiliated with Canadian “detaxers,” whose tenet is that income taxes do not have to be paid to the government.


Freeman-on-the-Land follows a common formula. Symbols that are associated with the movement, and which are found on their documents, include: Biblical references and religious threats, ­postage stamps placed on documents, Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) citations in the US, ­fingerprints and “blood seals” affixed to documents. They use names for documents that are either obscure or not recognized in any legal text.


Freemen claim that the US government (and, in Canada, the Bank of Canada) has established secret bank accounts for ­every person. This idea relies on their “theory of redemption.” For example (

This theory claims that the United States went bankrupt in 1933 when it chose to no longer use the gold standard to back up its paper currency. Needing collateral to trade and conduct commerce with other countries, the United States began to use citizens as collateral to ensure the value of its money. Subsequently, secret bank accounts, containing millions of dollars, were supposedly established by the United States Treasury Department on behalf of each citizen, or “strawman,” used as collateral. Redemption is used as a gateway by sovereigns to commit various fraudulent acts all in an attempt to “redeem their strawman” and access these non-existent secret Treasury accounts to satisfy various debts, including mortgages, cars, and credit cards.


Notwithstanding that the Freemen reject the authority of the state, they do file many private prosecutions and claims of legal rights in the courts. Typically, they seek costs and orders against public officials, peace officers and whoever seems to be standing in their way:

The filing of frivolous lawsuits and liens against public officials, law enforcement officers and private citizens, on the other hand, has remained a favorite harassing strategy. These paper “attacks” intimidate their targets and have the beneficial side effect of clogging up a court system that sovereign citizens believe is illegitimate. Frivolous liens became such a problem in the 1990s that a majority of states were forced to pass new laws to make filing them illegal, their removal easier, or both. Today, eager sovereign citizens can use the Internet to download a variety of boilerplate forms and documents to wield against the government. More adventurous types can matriculate at “schools” such as the Erwin Rommel School of Law; additionally, a number of activists, ranging from David Wynn Miller to The Aware Group, hold seminars around the country to teach people — for a price — about the latest tactics and weapons. ( xpicked=4&item=sov)

Freemen rely on bogus documents, such as an “ecclesiastical notice of private agreement” (  for an example of one such document against Clarke Burnett, in his capacity as a crown prosecutor) or a mandatariat (a demand made on a peace officer to produce his or her oath of office and qualifications to a Freeman).

They also seek to file liens against individuals, which can severely damage a person’s credit rating. Many individuals who have been the subject of these attacks seek to remove their names from public directories for their own protection. For example, inMeads v. Meads, 2012 ABQC 571, the cover page of the reasons for decision states:

Editorial Notice: On behalf of the Government of Alberta personal data identifiers have been removed from this unofficial electronic version of the judgment.

In Meads, Associate Chief Justice J.D. Rooke goes into great detail regarding the “Organized Pseudolegal Commerical Argument [“OPCA”] Litigants” and is an excellent review of the Freeman-on-the-Land movement and how it tries to disrupt court operations and frustrate the legal rights of governments, corporations and individuals.

These Freeman legal matters are also occurring in BC. BC Supreme Court Justice Dev Dley recently had to deal with one Darwin Sorenson, who would not identify himself and spoke of Freeman principles in court.

“I am a declared sovereign” and “My name is Darwin” was stated in court, according to Cam Fortems of the Kamloops Daily News on November 26, 2012. Darwin refused to step into the area of the court where litigants typically speak to the court, saying, “If I enter this area of the courtroom, do I have a contract with the court?” When Justice Dley warned Darwin that he would have him removed from the court, Darwin responded that this would cost the Justice a $30,000 fine.

In another case also before Justice Dley, another Freeman, Brian Alexander, had his appeal dismissed of a justice of the peace’s decision finding him guilty of failing to produce a valid driver’s licence. His appeal stated that the court had no jurisdiction.


Freemen have attended law firm and ­notary offices, seeking to have their documents “notarized.” The documents have strange wordings, stamps, blood and finger seals, UCC and biblical references and the like. They are usually pseudo-legal and completely unlike any legal document that a lawyer or notary would draw or witness.

In one case in BC, a notary witnessed a series of documents with names such as a “Notice of Non Response,” a “Notarial Certificate of Dishonour” and a “Notarial Instrument of Protest,” which led to the creation of a “True Bill and Notice of Accounting” for the sum of $3.5 billion dollars. These were all stated to be against the BC Court of Appeal. In this case, the notary apparently witnessed the documents in her capacity as “Notary Acceptor.” She was disciplined by the Society of Notaries Public for breach of Rule 11.01 of the Notary Rules, and admitted that her conduct was contrary to the best interests of the public and the notarial profession.

Lest one believe that only notaries have witnessed and notarized these documents, there have been instances when BC lawyers too have been approached about acting in this capacity.


Since one of the tenets of the Freeman-on-the-Land movement is an unrestricted right to possess and use firearms, they raise significant safety and security concerns. They have been known to become angry when lawyers or notaries have refused to notarize their documents or when stopped by police officers.

The CBC did an excellent feature on the Freeman-on-the-Land movement that mentions an affidavit of It includes video of a Freeman acting up in court.

YouTube has a video showing a routine traffic stop of a “sovereign citizen” that ended in the death of the two peace officers involved:

S. de Léséleuc in Criminal Victimization in the Workplace (Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, Statistics Canada, 2004 stated that 17 per cent of all self-reported violent crimes occurred at the victim’s place of work. That is over 356,000 incidents of violence in Canadian workplaces in a single year.

While the Freeman movement represents a small but potentially growing threat, there remains the possibility that a law office could face this or other type of security threat. Accordingly, there are two steps that law offices should consider and implement for the safety of their workers.

The first is to have a workplace security plan in place to deal with external threats to those in the office. This plan should include dealing with an angry and possibly armed individual entering the office. It should also extend to dealing with potential bomb threats, suspicious packages being delivered to the office, etc. Everyone in the office should be familiar with the plan and, like a fire drill, it should receive an occasional trial run to ensure that everyone understands their role and what is, and is not, to be done in the circumstances.

Examples of such security plans can be found at:

The second is to recognize when a Freeman or sovereign citizen is attending the office and asking to have documents executed, witnessed and/or notarized and to take appropriate action in the circumstances.

Lawyers should determine when they are being asked to notarize documents that they do not recognize and that appear to have no legal purpose. Lawyers should not be acting in a way that gives a patina of credibility to a pseudo-legal litigant. Above all, “A lawyer owes a duty to the state, to maintain its integrity and its law.” (Chapter 1, Rule 1(1) Canons of Legal Ethics –Professional Conduct Handbook).

Being prepared to deal with the Freeman-on-the-Land is simply prudent business planning. After all, notarizing a document isn’t something to die for.


The above article is almost entirely fiction Government Propaganda. For instance:  “People who have been linked to this movement include Terry Nichols and Timothy McVeigh (of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing). “

For instance: Terry Nichols and Timothy McVeigh were not freeman at all Its well Known they were CIA-FBI affiliated NOT FREEMAN ASSOCIATED and FREEMAN are not Neo-Nazi associated either. Most are Good upstanding people who are intelligent and who have done there Due Diligences and learned the deception and fraud perpetrated on us everyday since our births

This Fraud Is the Biggest Fraud ever perpetrated on all humanity. Believe it!!!

Simple proof of Admiralty Law in our courts When you are called up in court you have to walk through the two swinging door of the court docket in reality upon entering yourstepping onto the deck of a ship Its that Simple!!!

How your name is writing is very important in law On all your Government and Banking ID you will notice that your name is in all Capital letters like below


This Denotes a SLAVE the highest form of Bondage 

from Black Law dictionary:

Blacks Law Dictionary provides the following definition:

Capitis Diminutio (meaning the diminishing of status) In Roman law. A diminishing or abridgment of personality; a loss or curtailment of a man’s status or aggregate of legal attributes and qualifications.

Capitis Diminutio Minima (meaning a minimum loss of status) – The lowest or least comprehensive degree of loss of status. This occurred where a man’s family relations alone were changed. It happened upon the arrogation [pride] of a person who had been his own master, (sui juris,) [of his own right, not under any legal disability] or upon the emancipation of one who had been under the patria potestas. [Parental authority] It left the rights of liberty and citizenship unaltered. See Inst. 1, 16, pr.; 1, 2, 3; Dig. 4, 5, 11; Mackeld. Rom.Law, 144.

Capitis Diminutio Media (meaning a medium loss of status) – A lessor or medium loss of status. This occurred where a man loses his rights of citizenship, but without losing his liberty. It carried away also the family rights.

OUR MODERN ID’s ex. JOHN JOE JOKEMAN – Capitis Diminutio Maxima (meaning a maximum loss of status) – The highest or most comprehensive loss of status. This occurred when a man’s condition was changed from one of freedom to one of bondage, when he became a slave. It swept away with it all rights of citizenship and all family rights.

Diminutio. Lat. In civil law. Diminution; a taking away; loss or depravation.[2]

Capite. – Lat. By the head.[3]

As Black’s Law Dictionary explains, the full capitalization of the letters of one’s natural name, results in a diminishing or complete loss of legal or citizenship status, wherein one actually becomes a slave or an item of inventory. The method, by which the State causes a natural person to "volunteer" himself into slavery, is through forming legal joinder, implied or stated, with the entity or legal fiction (name all CAPS). Of course, most natural persons wouldn’t willingly form such an unlawful but legally reductionist joinder, so trickery and obfuscation are used; and this starts when our birth certificates are created.

[The initial joinder is formed when a legal Birth Certificate is issued by the State, name in all CAPS. In fact, both the Certificate of Birth AND Social Security number, are for "inventory" control purposes, similar to the Amistad Schooner’s manifest or those numbers or records used by legal entities or Corporations to track, account for, use and dispose of inventory.]

Due to the UK, Canada and the US being bankrupt countries, yes all these countries have been bankrupt for some time now; they all have currencies that are known as FIAT currency. In other words, all our money is worthless! There is no big Gold or Silver reserves to back it up…look on any UK banknote and you will see the words, I promise to pay the bearer. It is a promissory note…nothing more. Worthless basically!

So when we are registered at birth, the government produces a corporation, a straw-man, by placing our name in all capitals. But why I hear you ask? Well as we are a bankrupt country (just waiting to go into an economic fold – exactly what is about to happen in the US) the government needs collateral to invest and to receive loans on, so we, the people, become slaves in bondage to be used as collateral with lenders.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that still doesn’t apply! Do not make the mistake of taking advice from anyone who studies, or has studied orthodox law, as they especially will not know this…they were kept well away from this deliberately. Police do NOT know that us and them are slaves in bondage, solicitors & lawyers do NOT know that them and us are slaves in bondage, and most government agents do NOT know either.

But the great thing is we don’t have to be. It is as easy as being knowledgeable, aware and then just politely declining their offered contract!

I could go on and on with examples all provable with Black Law Dictionary there own book of Law which uncovers most of there Deception and Fraud but its up to each one of you to do your own DUE DILIGENCE

and Learn all the TRUTH for yourself

Anti-government sovereign citizen movement claims 30,000 members and growing in Canada

Lawyers, notaries, RCMP, police chiefs all warn of disruption and danger from "Freemen."

Brian Alexander, of Kamloops, B.C., is  is a self-proclaimed Freeman-on-the-Land and one of a growing number of Canadian followers of the "sovereign citizen" or "Natural Persons" movement.


Brian Alexander, of Kamloops, B.C., is is a self-proclaimed Freeman-on-the-Land and one of a growing number of Canadian followers of the "sovereign citizen" or "Natural Persons" movement.

Freeman, or ‘sovereign citizens,’ say the government has overstepped its bounds, and refuse to be ruled by Canadian laws — a fight in Canada going as far as the courts. One man explains why he’s living as a sovereign citizen.

By: Dene Moore The Canadian Press, Published on Tue Sep 03 2013

VANCOUVER—He introduces himself as "Brian Arthur of the Alexander family," and before he’ll answer any questions, he asks a reporter to declare that she is not a government employee.

He drives without a license and does not pay income tax.

Brian Alexander is a self-proclaimed Freeman-on-the-Land and one of a growing number of Canadian followers of the so-called "sovereign citizen" or "Natural Persons" movement.

Adherents have "freed" themselves from what they see as an overbearing government that has overstepped its bounds.

"People can’t afford to live and they’re basically destroying society, in our view," Alexander says during a lengthy interview at his home in Kamloops, B.C.

"They’ve created it themselves. Most of us are peaceful. We paid our taxes, we love our country and all that but when they start pushing at you, you tend to start asking questions and that’s where this whole movement comes from."

The Law Society of B.C. and B.C. Notaries have both issued warnings about Freemen, which the law society said in a bulletin last year may number as many as 30,000 in Canada.

"Since one of the tenets of the Freeman-on-the-Land movement is an unrestricted right to possess and use firearms, they raise significant safety and security concerns," says the bulletin, which advises lawyers who come across Freemen to take appropriate security measures.

Alexander says violence is not advocated and has no place in the movement, but one official who has followed the rise of the sovereign citizen movement in Canada says there have been a number of confrontations in B.C. and elsewhere during routine traffic stops or legal proceedings.

"We’ve seen that escalation already," says Ron Usher, of the Society of B.C. Notaries.

Notaries have found themselves embroiled as many Freeman attach inexplicable importance to having notaries authorize documents the Freeman have invented to declare their status.

"What we’ve seen over the last year is an increasing level of frustration, an increasing level of desperation. People just don’t like the idea that someone isn’t going to help them with their fantasy," Usher says. The society discourages its members from signing the "nonsensical" legal documents.

"They’re very confrontational. We’ve had a number of instances now where they’ve needed to call police or security," Usher says.

There have been a number of "hard take-downs" by police in B.C. involving Freemen who refuse to have a driver’s licence and, sometimes, automobile insurance.

RCMP and the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police officers are currently developing awareness materials for frontline officers, and the movement is the subject of upcoming policing seminars in Vancouver and Toronto.

"The RCMP is aware of the Freeman-on-the-Land ideology and the interaction that some police jurisdictions have had with individuals who follow this movement.

“Additionally, in the recent years, the RCMP has received correspondence directly from followers of this movement," RCMP spokeswoman Julie Gagnon says in an email.

"Individuals associated to this movement are a concern because some followers advocate violence to promote their views and this may involve violence toward police officers. There are officer safety concerns when dealing with followers of this movement during routine police interaction."

There’s no indication that they pose a threat to the general public, Gagnon says.

In the United States, the FBI considers the movement a domestic terror threat, and a 2011 FBI report cites several cases where followers have clashed with law enforcement, including the 2010 shootings of two Arkansas officers during a routine traffic stop.

"Although the sovereign-citizen movement does not always rise to violence, its members’ illegal activities and past violent — including fatal —incidents against law enforcement make it a group that should be approached with knowledge and caution," it says.

And it warns the movement will likely grow, fuelled by the recent economic downturn and the popularity of seminars being held across the country.

If there is a guru of the Freeman movement in Canada these days it’s a man named Dean Clifford from Manitoba. In June, about 80 people paid to hear Clifford spread the sovereign gospel at a seminar in Victoria and tickets are now available on his website to another scheduled for Toronto this November.

Details on the Toronto seminar are vague: mid-November and “somewhere central” in the city.

Alexander, 43, has become a pseudo-spokesman in B.C. after running — ironically — for provincial and municipal office under the Freeman banner.

A self-employed father of a teenage boy, he speaks emotionally about the plight soldiers have faced upon their return from Afghanistan and with frustration about the degradation of the environment. And he appears to genuinely disagree with the use of violence or threats in the name of the cause.

"Yes, there has been the odd person here and there that has actually fought back and done some stupid things, but those are individuals. And to paint all Freemen as terrorists, it would be the same as painting all Frenchmen FLQ or all Germans Nazis. It’s kind of ridiculous," he says.

While in the United States the movement has a large following on the far right and among white supremacists, in Canada it has found sympathizers among First Nations, in B.C. in particular, where some have come together under the banner of the "Sovereign Squamish Government."

The Squamish group claims to distribute its own licence plates and one Ontario Freeman is recruiting his own police force with an online video appeal for the Canadian Common Corps of Peace Officers.

The sovereign citizen’s campaign in Canada, however, focuses on the courts, and a quick search of court documents involving Freemen reveals a litany of cases from the East Coast to the West, ranging from the bizarre to the criminal.

Police officers, Crown lawyers and judges have been sued or been named in multimillion-dollar "liens" or "ecclesiastical notices" or other legal manoeuvres.

Dozens of sovereign citizens have found themselves in front of a judge facing tax evasion, contempt or criminal charges.

Last month, Warren Fischer, a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine in Nelson, B.C., broke down in tears in court after being convicted of tax evasion.

An adherent to Freeman philosophies and a member of the Sovereign Squamish Nation, Fischer refused for several years to pay income tax, saying he did not want his taxes to support the war overseas. He will be sentenced in October.

Last year Daren Wayne McCormick was convicted in a Nova Scotia court of uttering threats toward officers and sentenced to just over three years in a federal prison when a judge disagreed with his argument that he’d freed himself of the Criminal Code and federal gun laws.

"It appeals to the angry male whose life isn’t working out very well," says Usher. "You get this spiral of legal mess that the only person that’s benefited is the person who’s taken their money for the seminar teaching them how to do all this.

"It looks like desperate people spending their last nickel on bad advice."


There is BS here but who’s telling it really???

Let hear from some real Freemen Now


You be your own JUDGE Who’s The TRUTH TELLER here is???

The Government or The Freeman Movement

But do your own Research Don’t take our word for it or the Governments

Find out for Yourself find your Remedy

Due your own DUE DILIGENCE