Neighbor’s Letter to Family of Autistic Teen Sparks Outrage

Anonymous message calls for child to be euthanized

Adan Salazar
August 20, 2013

A typed message written by an irate neighbor and delivered to the grandparents of an autistic teen calling for him to be euthanized and his “non retarded body parts” be donated “to science,” among other hideous comments, is sparking outrage.


Last Friday, the grandmother of 13-year-old Max Begley was floored when she received a letter from an anonymous neighbor complaining that Max was “nothing but a nuisance” and that they should “Do the right thing and move or euthanize him!!!”

At the time the boy was staying with his grandmother in Newcastle, Ontario.

“I was shaking when I was reading it,” Max’s grandmother, Brenda Millson, told Toronto’s CityNews. “It’s awful words. You don’t know why somebody would ever do such a thing.”

The anonymous letter states, “That noise he makes when he is outside is DREADFUL!!!!!!!! It scares the hell out of my normal children!!!!!! When you feel your idiot kid needs fresh air, take him to our park you dope!!!”

The letter also unwittingly treads onto ironic territory, claiming that “Nobody wants you living here and they don’t have the guts to tell you,” however is signed anonymously by “One pissed off mother!!!!!”

The disturbing number of derogatory comments the letter is filled with is astounding. At one point, the woman who allegedly wrote it claims Max is “a hindrance to everyone and will always be that way.”

It goes on to suggest, “Personally, they should take whatever non retarded body parts he possesses and donate it [sic] to science,” and begs for his parents to “Do the right thing and move or euthanize him!!!”

The senseless and imbecilic frustration conveyed in the letter depicts the sickening depths to which many parts of society have descended. Rather than speak with the boy’s caregivers face-to-face like a “normal person” would, the letter’s author cowardly hides behind a barrage of insults and anonymity, all while feeling completely justified in their delusional assertions.

This type of behavior is the perfect example of the type of division, hate and dehumanization the globalists nurture and feed off when they promote and normalize practices such as abortion, or the murder of innocent human beings.

According to the Daily Mail, Max’s father feels the letter may lead his son to be targeted by hate groups.

“A person that’s that crazy or demented who would fabricate something like that…it leads me to believe that they’re very dangerous,” Jim Begley stated, adding, “and right now I’m scared for my son’s safety.”

Should the letter’s author be identified, City News reports the family will file charges against her.