OFFICER “ADAM JOSEPHS” BUBBLES Tried to Sue You Tube for 1.2 Million dollar lawsuit Claiming damage from videos mocking him as he deserved to be. He should have been Fired for his attitude his disrespect and his abuse of power

G20 MY HEART BLEEDS Officer Bubbles exposed

Uploaded on Nov 6, 2010

G20 Exposed: ‘My Heart Bleeds…’ an Officer ‘Boris’ Bubbles lawsuit special featuring interviews with documentary producer Derek Soberal, director Adam Letalik, a phone interview with Dan Dicks of Press for Truth… G20 Toronto Exposed ( ) Press for Truth ( ) The Real News ( )
SEGMENT: Daniel Libby hosts a feature special on Word of Mouth Wednesday Oct. 27th 2010, Toronto G20 Exposed: My Heart Bleeds ‘Officer Bubbles’ sues YouTube audio MP3 Download the full Word of Mouth Wednesday October 27th 2010 episode here… CKLN 88.1 FM Wednesday Word of Mouth – Wednesdays 7-8 pm on


The G20 Summit in Toronto will never be forgotten for many Canadians who witnessed the destruction of everything that makes us proud and patriotic. Our rights were violated, our city was terrorized and our police force have demonstrated that absolute power corrupts absolutely as in the case with Officer A. Josephs aka "Officer Bubbles".
On September 11th 2010 Press For Truth videographer Bryan Law questioned Officer Bubbles about his behavior during the G20 summit to which he responded "I did my job, I’m a Police Officer". At the time we felt that releasing a video would only further distract people away from the real issues of the G20 by focusing on the bubbles spectacle…however in light of the fact that Officer Bubbles has recently launched a 1.2 Million dollar lawsuit against YouTube in which 25 people are involved for leaving comments we felt it was time to show the world what Josephs had to say about his job, the infamous bubbles incident and his views on the police state.




SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – A former University of California policeman who drew widespread scorn for pepper-spraying peaceful student protesters is seeking worker’s compensation for psychiatric damage he said he suffered in the 2011 incident.

Video footage of then-campus police Lieutenant John Pike casually dousing student demonstrators in the face with a can of pepper spray as they sat on the ground at UC Davis came to symbolize law enforcement aggression against anti-Wall Street protests at the time.

Pike was suspended and ultimately left the force in July 2012, but UC officials did not disclose the circumstances of his departure.

A scathing 190-page report on the incident found that university officials and UC Davis campus police showed poor judgment and used excessive force in the confrontation, which was widely replayed on television and the Internet.

The university last fall agreed to pay $1 million to settle a lawsuit brought on behalf of the 21 students who got sprayed and later reported suffering panic attacks, trauma and falling grades as a result.

Last month, Pike himself filed a worker’s compensation claim with UC Davis over the incident, saying he suffered unspecified psychiatric and nervous system damage, though the document did not explain how he claimed to have been harmed, records show.

UC Davis pepper spray

A judge is scheduled to hear Pike’s claim at a worker’s compensation conference in Sacramento on August 13. The case would likely go to trial if Pike and the police department fail to reach an agreement, California Department of Industrial Relations spokesman Peter Melton said on Friday.

UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi had asked local prosecutors to look into possible criminal charges against the police officers involved in the pepper-spraying. But the Yolo County District Attorney’s office determined there was no grounds on which to bring a case.

Earlier this week, a state appellate court ruled that newspapers have a right to publish the names of all the UC Davis police officers involved in the pepper-spraying incident.

Now The OFFICER Bubbles Mocking cartoons that are on You Tube Here they are

Officer Bubbles – Touched By Love

Officer Bubbles – Black Bloc

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Officer Bubbles – City Hall

Officer Bubbles – Secret 5 Metre Law

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So Far there are No Officer PepperHead Cartoon videos but who know he definitely Deserves a few. We can only hope there will be some… It could help his Compensation claim? “NOT”