Anticipating the Threat:

From Crisis Prevention(False Flag) to Response(Terrorist Act)

This impressive lineup of speakers have been involved with every imaginable type of crisis, from fires and bridge collapses to violence perpetrated by disgruntled employees, jilted lovers, and sophisticated terrorists. They tell us today’s shooters have access to more and better weaponry and have ambitions for high body counts. They tell us the Twin Cities is a likely target for terrorists. They tell us it’s only a matter of time.
But more importantly they will cover…But more importantly they will… SCARE THE FKN SHIT OUT OF EVERY ONE OF YOU AND HAVE YOU BELIEVING IT ALL… A JOB WELL DONE on there part


Don’t believe a thing they say In fact do the opposite of what they generally tell you to do, but uses common sense first and foremost

  • How to detect someone with criminal intentions; They Can’t Unless they can read minds
  • How to keep situations from escalating; They Don’t Try
  • How to defuse an intense situation. They Lie


Hate to say we told you so…

  • What you, your staff and tenants can expect from police, fire, medical responders;
  • How to define roles so that you can support the work of the responders;
  • How to protect your property’s personnel and assets and your company’s reputation.


Get all the Video evidence on there criminal activities as you can get…

  • Points to include in a comprehensive communications plan;
  • Communicating with staff, tenants, building visitors; Spokesperson preparation and talking points for when the microphone is in your face;
  • Five mistakes that can cost your company money and reputation.

The List of Speakers below could be a AL-CIAda elite terrorist team by there crudentials alone

SPEAKERS or Operative:

Kurtis Bramer  Chief Medical Operative
Since 1998 Kurtis Bramer has served as an Operational Supervisor for Hennepin EMS (Emergency Medical Services). He co-authored the Regional EMS Incident Response Plan and subsequently served as a Deputy EMS Commander during the 35W Bridge Collapse and worked on EMS planning for the 2008 Republican National Convention.

Dave Clifford ( now a violent criminal himself as of June 18, 2012 ) Security, Muscle, Enforcer Operative
Sgt. Dave Clifford is the Executive Officer of the Minneapolis Police SWAT Unit. He’s a veteran of the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division and has served as team leader of Personal Security Detachments in both Kosovo and Iraq. He holds a B.A. degree from the University of Minnesota in International Relations. As a SWAT team member he’s participated in more than 350 high risk operations.

Tim Kingsley    The BOSS The Suit and Tie Operative
Tim Kingsley is Associate Vice President of Operations and Government Affairs with American Security and Investigations. Prior to coming to American Security, he served as Director of Public Safety for Columbia University Teachers College and then as Senior Security Director for a New York-based company in downtown New York City. That company was greatly impacted by the devastation of the 9/11 attacks and Mr. Kingsley was a volunteer first responder to the World Trade Towers. He now has an active seat in the Minnesota State Emergency Operations Center when it is activated during state and federal emergencies. He is certified as a Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Counselor.

Sergeant Wally Krueger  Munitions and Demolition Expert Operative
Sergeant Wally Krueger is the Bomb Squad Commander in the Special Operations Division of the Minneapolis Police Department. He joined Minneapolis PD in 1988 as a patrol officer, serving in Third and Fourth Precincts, then served in the street crimes division and ultimately became a bomb technician and arson investigator. As a member of the Special Operations team he has participated in over 300 high risk entries and his duties include assisting with explosive breaching entries, robot applications, and training SWAT team members in dealing with booby traps, clandestine lab entries, suicide bombers and suspected vehicle bombs. Sergeant Krueger has been a bomb technician since 1994 and is a member of the International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators.

Erin Mathe  Media Spokesperson Operative
Erin Mathe is president/owner of Mathe Communications. After graduating from the University of St. Thomas with a degree in journalism, she spent six years in television news as a general assignment reporter and news anchor in Denver, Colorado. After moving back to Minnesota she started her own company where she helps clients with a broad range of PR needs, including training spokespeople, serving as crisis media counsel, and scripting and producing media campaigns.

Michael Rozin  Last but not least your Zionist Mossad Terrorist Manipulator Operative
After serving as a sergeant in a specialized infantry unit in the Israeli Defense Forces, Michael Rozin completed the Advanced Security and Anti-Terrorism Training at The Israeli Security Academy. In 2005 he moved to the U.S. to serve as Special Operations Security Captain at the Mall of America. His charge was to enhance the counter-terrorism capabilities of the MOA Security Department. The program he developed for MOA was presented in 2008 to the U.S. House of Representatives’ Committee on Homeland Security as a model for security in the public sector. Michael is a graduate of the Institute of Counter-Terrorism in the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzeliya, Israel where he attended a Masters Level Executive Counter-Terrorism Studies program.

And there You have it an all American undercover AL-CIAda ELITE TERRORIST TEAM


Now if that’s not the making of a 6 man elite terrorist team. The Hang Them High Thought Crime panel of speaker puppets of the New World Order Cabal BULLSHIT PROPAGANDA MACHINE

If you believe that anything these Puppets Putzes Have to say is in your best interest and Not there Masters You have already been to far damaged by there water fluoridation programs and there’s no help for you…