African One-Acre Island Home to Over 400 People

IF 1 JUST 1 Super Billionaire would step forward(unanimously) and Donate JUST $1 Billion(a Number) of there many $$Billions$$ and buy the people of  Makusa Island a real Island…Because this hard to look at puny disease infested, over populated, polluted and with(through no fault of there own) filthy living conditions ta boot (pictured below) that these people proudly call there homes. It is probably so unhealthy and will likely kill most of them prematurely and many are very very small children and infants. These proud people have nothing really and through no fault of there own, but they live as if they have everything they need and seem honestly happy and fulfilled with life as it is. For they live in conditions that one of you Super Billionaires or most of the rest of us in western society would not even survive a day in. They deserve a real half decent chance at there own society unhampered by  the dogma of today’s corrupt society because of there simple lifestyle and harmony in there selves and there contentment with what they have rare qualities in today’s prison world of greed.They are fisherman by lifestyle and should be able to fish in unpolluted waters they also require as all humans do, some land to actually be able to farm for there families to live and thrive. They are people of a simple lifestyle and if given the chance on another bigger island of there own that would first off give them some real actual land that free of pollution and disease, that these simple people with very little help to start of a new that they would thrive in the near future if left alone to live … They would possibly give the rest of us a good lesson on real life!!! Why should some unanimous BILLIONAIRE step up to the plate and donate JUST $1 billion(a Number) to these people???Because its 400-450 people in need but not asking for help in any way. Because who Else besides $$billionaires$$ could really do this??? Because if it happened and made the Mainstream News it would set a president to other Moral $$Billionaires$$ and would possibly compel others to do likewise in other really needy places around the Globe. Lastly, it would make the world of humanity a little better place to be for us all…

African One-Acre Island Home to Over 400 People


By CharityD  |  Posted September 28, 2011  |  Entebbe, Uganda

     Makusa is an island located off the shores of Entebbe, Uganda, resting on the waters of one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world, Lake Victoria. It is just about one acre in size, and is home to more than 400 people who live in tiny huts crammed together, one after the other. On the island, there is no running water, no electricity, only a few small bathroom structures, and hardly any grown food. Fishing is the main occupation, and the men use small, weathered banana boats to travel between islands and the mainland. Life is simple and restricted on this football-field-sized piece of land.

     In May 2008, Makusa suffered massive damage from a fire started by an accident with a candle. Nearly the entire island was burnt, leaving scores of people without homes and possessions. An article on stated, “The fire was reportedly caused by a candle, which came in contact with petrol when an unidentified woman tried to refuel a generator in a video hall…” It started at night, and spread within minutes, sending the entire island running for safety. Miraculously, no one was hurt. The Uganda Red Cross society said, “According to a June 1st, 2008 assessment by Entebbe Red Cross Action Team (RCAT), no person died but all property on the island was destroyed. The island has a population of 450 people.”

Much of the reason for such quick destruction was because of the island’s condition. Theirsmall houses were made of wood or polythene paper, and because of how closely they’re crammed, it caused the fire to spread easily. Red Cross donated materials for rebuilding, and as of now, there is no evidence of fire damage. Still, however, poverty is exceedingly present.


     Many of the residents had to rebuild since they couldn’t move back with families elsewhere, for lack of transportation and jobs. But even still, most of them chose to stay on Makusa Island. The fishermen want to stay near the deep waters, where fish are more present. From this island, they have easier and closer access to the water with their boats. A member from my team asked one man why he chose to live on the island. “Because the fishing is good!” he said. It’s hard to imagine such a harsh reality, especially realizing the conditions he and all the others are living under.


   I stepped onto Makusa Island on June 29th, 2011. I was with my missionary team from Believers World Outreach, and we were preparing to reach out to the community and help teach about sanitation. We had been forewarned that what we were about to see was difficult, but nothing could quite prepare us for the magnitude of what is there.


As we approached the island, I stared at the speck of land, wondering when it would get bigger, and trying to imagine the fact that 400 people live on it. The homes are fit together like Legos, dilapidated and seemingly sinking into the lake. Small fishing boats line the tiny shore. We were carried or carefully assisted onto land by the natives, avoiding the contaminated water that is laden with debris and bugs.


The brick or wooden huts are filthy, smelling of waste and garbage, which is made worse with the humidity and suffocating heat inside of them. Sometimes there is but a mere two feet in between the huts as you walk across the island.


Then finally, apart from the physical conditions, we focused on the people. As a photographer, I am greatly interested in learning and observing all around me. I soaked in the details, especially since it was my last day in Uganda. And as a missionary and girl personally passionate for the African community, I reached out to the people and learned as much as I could. They are poor and without adequate food. They lack medical care, schooling, and churches. The island is filled with disease and contamination, and clean water and sanitation is a stranger to them. Children are naked or wearing ripped clothing that is often too large for them. Men work hard at fishing and travel between islands or the mainland for business and supplies, and the woman take care of everything from cooking to laundry to cleaning. Its one community existing on one very small piece of land, but is not unlike so many areas in the villages and slums of Uganda.


     Entebbe itself is just one city inside a country that is starving for economic growth and political rest. It is a place of need and sorrow, but it is also a beautiful place. Many of the people are full of love and joy, and their lives illustrate a contentedness and patience that we Americans could only hope to imitate. They have nothing, but many of them live as though they had everything they need. The reality is both inspiring and convicting.


Remember!!! All you MORAL Super Billionaires($5Billion or more) of the world “You can’t take $it$ with You”… Ask yourself this??? How many $$Billions$$ do you really have to leave to your siblings for them to live quite luxuriously and comfortably for the rest of there lives???

Only a MORAL Super Billionaire could step up and do this… These people of Makusa Island don’t really need a $billion dollars just a bigger island of there own and enough to move start up on there own

It has to be an Island as they are all fishermen by trade and it has to be big enough to farm a little as man can’t live on fish alone It must also have a fresh water source of course. Not a hard job for  determined guys like say George Soros, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or any of the British Space Boy Richie Branson types of the world Stepping Up to the plate. Or simply how about the VATICAN (that supposedly is so against poverty and preaches love for your fellow brother) with its $$BILLIONS$$ Stepping Up??? Next an Impossible one we know but what about the defacto biggest land owner on the planet old Silver Jubilee Babe Queen Liz II or any one of all the other Royal billionaires around the globe Stepping Up??? It will never happen!!! Why??? Because these Super Billionaire (not all but 90% of them) are not about stopping poverty or charity or helping people out in any way in general…In fact quite the opposite is true. They are self centered eugenic pigs with there main objective being one of culling the population by 95% and bringing in there one world totalitarian rule… A virtual Heaven on Earth for the criminal Cabal members and there Families (about 10% of 1% of humanity now) and a real HELL on EARTH for the few of humanity left alive to forever slave for these Gutless Cowardly In-Bread Psychopathic Megalomaniac Animal scum’s every single perverted wants and needs forever after. Believe it or Not?

So to the few moral humanist Super Billionaires left, Is there not 1 JUST 1 Moral $$$$ Guy who will help these people out. These people who live in such horrible poverty and disease stricken despair conditions in our Eyes but not in there’s they don’t see it and seem happy and say they have all they need. This is where with a little help they could live to become a very prosperous healthy happy people.

We would if we could but were not Super Billionaires not even Millionaires not even what you would consider rich were just average people with a little morality and compassion in our hearts. By spreading these TRUTH’s were trying to pull humanity up and out of the shit pile of Lies Deception Poverty and Greed which is technically forced on all the un-wealthy workers all the poor unemployed and all the others living in severe poverty in the western world to RISE AND SAY NO MORE…Or sorry to say Were all FKED and maybe we deserve to be???